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Domestic Workers Law

Domestic workers have become one of the major problems suffered by citizens and they have been always a big burden on society.  Some people are of the view that the problem lies in Recruitment Offices in terms of cost, inaccuracy ...

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Entry Visa to Turkey

For those wishing to buy a property in Turkey: you should obtain an entry visa and a valid residency to be able to travel to your property and finalize the purchase required formalities. How to obtain an entry visa: It ...

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Turkish Real Estate Taxes

After purchase of a property, the person shall approach Taxes Authority to obtain a personal tax number since the Turkish Law Levied taxes on both citizen and non-citizen property owners. Therefore, the foreign property purchaser must be aware of the ...

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Legal remedy through courts of law has been no longer the only option to resolve disputes.  Arbitration has become particularly important in resolving disputes for businessmen and company owners,  as arbitration is distinguished with prompt and flexible procedures, which cope ...

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Real estate investment in Turkey

At the beginning,  we would like to point out that the real estate market in Turkey witnessed an unprecedented brisk rebound, thanks to the new law for real estate investment, which was approved by the Turkish parliament  in the session ...

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Finance Lease Agreement

 This Financial Leasing Agreement is a consensual, timely durable, and special character contract.  It is not considered a lease agreement, but rather a mix of contracts named by law. The Statutes of Kuwait have not regulated the Financial Leasing Agreement, ...

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