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Meating between Moudhy ALmousa Law firm and World Bank Groups team


Almousa law firm hosted World Bank Groups in framework of Doing Business Project . which is represent standar in over 190 countries . and all governments over the world take it as areference .

World Bank Group choose Moudhy Law firm as bussines expert in Kuwait region , to discuss time , expenses and prosedures which are required from medium and small limited companies information related to business environment in Kuwait , as aprocess to launch the annuall report of World bank of doing business for the year 2018 .

The meeting discussed the requirements of bankrubtcy suits of local companies , as well estimate the competence of local law .

The published report of World Bank examine the ordinances which are support the commercial activity more over the others which are hinder the activity . The report of doing work examine regulated legislation of over 111 fields if work as :

Commencing commercial activity , issue build licences , electricity access, ownership registration , access to guarantee ,protection of inrestors , payment taxes ,bordered commerce ,contract enforcement , settlement of bankruptcy cases and regulation of work market .

Goveruments over the world use reports of doing bussines as interance to polices and reformation , hence the report having agreat real of consideration .

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