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The Lawyer’s Message

“Everyone is facilitated to what he was created for”. I was by nature created for being a lawyer from my earliest youth. I used to defend for my friends and plead for our student rights. I adopted others’ suggestions and helped achieve them. I used to seriously seek to make settlements and justice among litigants. My adoration for the Arabic language is equal for my adoration for the law profession. Thus, my rhetorical wealth and speech capabilities were my favorite tools in negotiations and discussion.

I joined the Faculty of Law, KuwaitUniversity. I made high accomplishments. I learnt how to comprehend deep legal meanings from among lines and how to find legal solutions, even if they were difficult and rare as long as I could successfully master methods of legal research and find solutions from various resources.

I was accepted to work at the justice facility after only two months from graduation, as I was nominated based on my graduation grade and the level of field training.

I worked at the Ministry of Justice for four years at various realms, starting from a lawsuits officer at the Clerks Department of the Court of First Instance to a legal authenticator at the Companies Contracts Authentication Control. I was appointed at the Legal Affairs Department, reporting to the Assistant Undersecretary for Authentication Affairs. My practical expertise and distinguished positional performance in the Ministry have aspired me to work at the private sector, in one of the major law firms in Kuwait. I was offered to join the fellow lawyers team. It was an opportunity to identify the mechanism of managing law firms and acquired sufficient four-year expertise of hard working and high-efficient performance of the profession.

After twelve years of work and practical experience, I opened my own law and legal consultations office to practice the profession I have adored and mastered, dedicating my personal skills, eloquence, practical experience and deep adherence in legal developments to my profession.

Finally, I would like to thank my father who raised me on adopting a strong willingness and determination. I want to thank my mother who have always believed in me and encouraged me. I want to thank my husband, the father of my children, for his trust, support and encouragement. I want to thank my brothers for being the role model in my life, work and success.