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Companies and Commercial Business


We have the required experience and ability to form and prepare companies contracts of different types, starting from the memorandum of association and any amendments thereto. In particular, Mrs. Moudhy Al Mousa  has a wide expertise as an authenticator in the Companies and Commercial Agencies Contracts Authentication Control in the Ministry of Justice before carrying-out the legal profession. The office articulates commercial contracts, labor contracts  and regulations of the companies and review all contracts in a way realizing the objects of the company.

It provides legal advices, particularly in regard to general assembly and its conclusion.

It represents companies before all ministries and competent concerned entities.

It represents companies in all cases as a plaintiff or as a principal, particularly cases of settlement, liquidation, liability, revocation of the general assembly and bankruptcy.

It prepares preambles and contracts of commercial agencies and the registration thereof at the official departments. It settles disputes arising from commercial agencies inside the State of Kuwait or abroad.

It concludes commercial agencies contracts and contracts of franchise, distribution and commercial representation.

It arranges transfer contracts, subject to the commercial law and commences related cases.

It establishes foreign companies, which wish to operate in the State of Kuwait, pursuant to the foreign capital investment law, free trade zone regulations and offset system and the provision of related investments.

It articulates and check commercial papers and contracts.

It launches negotiations on behalf of clients in regard to trade deals and contracts, provide advice and consultation and audit all local and international transactions, deals and contracts.

It carries-out all litigation, commercial disputes and debts collection works.