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Personal Status


Considering the private nature of family disagreements and marriage problems, we have undertaken the principle of settlements before launching any legal procedure. We undertake to provide amicable solutions that are agreed-upon by both parties for settling material cases privately, avoiding defamation and courts, as long as the couples have a true intention to maintain their marriage.

As for judicial disputes, we have a distinguished performance, starting from the wording of summons, submission of legal memorandums, maintaining our clients’ rights and legally representing our clients before Kuwaiti courts in various types of legal status cases and divorce cases under the Sunni and Jaafari doctrines and for non-Muslims.

–      Expenditure cases: For the wife, ex-wife, children, mother or father (who have no income).

–      Custodianship cases, custody expenses and provision of a housing for the custody mother.

–      Rights of divorced women and her children.

–      Inheritance cases.

–      Kinship proof cases

–      Names and surnames amendment cases.

–      Labor cases